Cutting-Edge Camry Production Starts Today

2018 toyota camry rear in silver

Chad Lindon has worked at Toyota in Georgetown, Ky., for 22 years and said the 2018 Camry is the most exciting vehicle launch he’s seen, and for good reason. “The 2018 Camry takes it to another level,” said Lindon, a Powertrain production team member. “It catches the eye. It has more horsepower, better fuel economy, and new technology that customers want. That all adds up to more job security and stability for my family.”

The excitement that has been building for months peaks today inside Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc., (TMMK) as team members celebrate the launch of production of the 2018 Camry. The automaker is upping the ante by crafting an ever-better Camry that boasts an exhilarating design, refined interior, stirring driving performance, cutting-edge safety and technology, and class-leading fuel efficiency.

Lindon and co-worker Maigen Layne can’t wait to see the new models on the road. Layne, a five-year team member who works as a safety team leader in bodyweld, says “it’s the best one so far,” and plans to make it her next car. “I’m proud to work on the best-selling car in America for 15 years running. I test drove one of the first 2018 models off the line and I know it will be a big hit.”

2018 Toyota Camry – A Total Driving Experience

2018 Toyota Camry XLE

With the full implementation of Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) in the new
Camry, the car’s designers and engineers had an opportunity to develop the eighth-generation
model from scratch. So instead of resting on past laurels and taking the safe route of basing the
new model on the same formula that has made past Camrys the best-selling mid-size sedan in
the world, Chief Engineer, Masato Katsumata, had other plans. He wanted to redefine the genre
and create something that would stir people’s souls, so he went about producing a sedan that
not only embraced the Camry’s traditional core components of performance and intelligence,
but also added one more element to the mix: Experience.

“‘Performance’ refers to the fundamentals of a car, which includes driving dynamics,
spaciousness and fuel economy,” explained Katsumata. “‘Intelligence’ deals with the
innovations and ingenuity that enables convenient and satisfying use of a car. In the past, the
Camry received high marks in the area of performance and intelligence for what is called a
practical value that can be expressed in numbers. But the new Camry has been completely
reexamined precisely from the ground up, taking it to an even higher level. We are now adding
‘Experience’ to the mix, or in other words, an emotional value that cannot be expressed in
numbers, essentially integrating the exhilaration felt in one’s heart when looking at and driving
the car.”