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Toyota Forum: Tailshaft and Driveshaft Repair - Help Needed
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Old 07-06-2019, 02:12 AM
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Default Tailshaft and Driveshaft Repair - Help Needed

Hello fellow Toyota Enthusiasts and more specifically Previa owners (past, present, future) or anyone with knowledge about my question/s. So there's a lot of backstory to my Toyota Previa but to make a long story short suffice to say I love my Previa and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get it back up and running again. Yes, it's been sitting for several months now I hate to admit.

It all started one day when I was driving down the road and I heard a really loud commotion coming from under the van. Yes, the driveshaft u-joint snapped sending the shaft into my gas tank where it punctured that as well as taking out an 02 sensor on the way. Also yes, there was vibration before that should have alerted me that my driveshaft was in need of service but I continued to drive the van pretty regularly anyway. That is my mistake and I take full responsibility for that.

Anyways the question/s is/are basically this: How would I go about making this repair? The ujoint broke at the joint by the "tailshaft" (?) My plan was to just unbolt the old tailshaft from the transmission, install a new tailshaft on the transmission, and then rebuild the driveshaft and reinstall like that...

I was planning on trying to just buy the tailshaft part of the transmission new and bolt it on. However I can't find just the tailshaft of the transmission for sale. Should I just go to a junkyard and try to find a used one and driveshaft and install on my van?

Is my line of thinking or plan for the repair wrong? Any help, or insight into my issue would be great appreciated.

BTW I'm not looking for advice on how to repair the gas tank or 02 sensor. Just the tailshaft and driveshaft. Also my van is a 1992 2.4L supercharged RWD version.
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Old 08-05-2019, 04:19 PM
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I recently had a similar failing u-joint on a 95 SC AWD. After some research it seemed like the easiest solution was to replace the entire driveshaft instead of trying to fix individual parts.
The whole drive shaft was about $300 and it didn't take me long to replace.
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