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Toyota Forum: 1994 Tercel Idel Air Control Valve #22230-11030, obsolete, manual work around
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Old 09-21-2019, 05:03 PM
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Default 1994 Tercel Idel Air Control Valve #22230-11030, obsolete, manual work around

My 1994 Tercel Idel Air C Valve has failed and cannot locate a new one....
Please let me know if a new IAC Valve can be located or a used working IAC... for manual trans.
The IAC valve numbers are 22230-11030 (std trans) and the 22230-11020 (auto trans) is no longer offered by Toyota and the after market also seems to not offer the part. I do not know the difference between the manual trans and auto trans IAC but if someone knows please advise. I would like to locate a new IAC or maybe a working used one. I have come up with a manual work around for the IAC air flow correction that maybe of interest for other early tercel owners.

My IAC Valve has failed open when hot, engine is up to temperature, and still has air flow into the hole on the outside of the throttle plate. Car start great cold and once up to operating temps would get hard to start or no start. IAC is a major part of this no start but I also had a faulty Throttle Position Sensor, and a engine coolant temp sensor. Had "fun" getting this figured out and the coolant temp sensor read correctly at room temps but would fail at elevated temps. I would be happy to do a tech review of checking the sensors and no start conditions. I have read all the postings on this I could find and putting in one place might be good thing to do. I found a work around for the IAC by sealing off the air flow and introducing air flow into the manifold with a manual process...... will discuss below.

Does any one have knowledge of where a NEW IAC Valve might be????
Why would Toyota Delete a part necessary to keep these engines running 1.5Liter 3EEE 4cyl........ the IAC
I have found a listing in China for the part, and sent them a email/web site inquirer to purchase and status yesterday???

Even the gasket for the IAC is not all that common. The local auto stores did not offer and was a Toyota Counter item only. It was a $10 item and the counter did give me a discount. Told the IAC is a discontinued item. I have been searching for 2 months and have not located. I was hoping RockAuto would be having a listing but so far nothing.

The 1994 Tercel IAC is a water coolant jacketed device with a rubber plunger seal. With coolant heat the metal springs in the IAC expand the push the plunger seal into a ring seal. I removed my throttle body and all parts and cleaned all the carbon. Throttle shaft has no excess play, and is not leaking air. The IAC was not carbon coated and clean.... I do use throttle body cleaner few times a year. I put the IAC in almost boiling water and the rubber parts had sealed up. But the coolant water is lower temp than the bubble forming on bottom of pot (guess 200F) and the coolant is guess to be 170-180F. Some articles show plugged coolant lines to the IAC can be a failure point. Once removed I would see the coolant level change (seeks level of radiator) as I lowered and raised the coolant lines that attach to IAC VAlve. Show coolant flows freely and there is no obstruction in line. Once running the IAC will also be very hot to the touch another test to do. Air Flow past the IAC is needed for cold start, the extra air flow is high idle and the O2 sensor sees the extra air flow and lack of fuel.... turns on the fuel injectors. Once hot does not need the extra air flow by the passed closed throttle plate via the IAC. There is a 3rd path for air, the IAC also has a small air flow by VSV, the VSV electric control valve opens when the AC, electrical load, the engine gets a bit more air to help with the load put on engine. This VSV air path is also part of the IAC Valve.

The start up air is supplied by the IAC but was not shutting off.
High Idle and lower fuel mileage and rough idle?
I plugged the IAC hole on the outside of throttle plates. I used a rubber plug and has been working for a few weeks now.
The rubber plug disables the IAC Air Flow Path.
I put a air "T" on the PCV vacuum line to the intake manifold. I ran a 3/64" ID line into the cab, drivers area. I used the 1x3" plugg hole on the passenger side of car. Poked a hole in insulation and it comes out by glove box. Takes about 3-4 feet of vac line. I used a golf tee to seal off the air flow once the car is warm. My original idea was to use a electric solenoid valve and electrical switch in cabin. Purchase a 12V solenoid valve and a air flow control valve, but the solenoid 1/4" and 1/8" NPT had a very small seal off hole of 5/64" and would allow any air flow.... at the vacuum level of engines. The ID of the vac line used and its length is now the flow control valve. Larger ID is more flow..... shorter line is more flow. WORKS well and cheap fix. Keep a few extra golf tees in the car.

The standard idle adjust for this throttle body is on the top left side of throttle body looking at the engine bay. This should also be cleaned when cleaning the TB, but was not mentioned in manual. This had carbon and also has a rubber O ring that might be leaking air. Screw in closes air flow back it out increase air flow. Clean, treated O ring, replaced. I also used a slightly higher idle to help with my IAC issue and work around fix. When winter hits here in MN may need to use larger ID vac line for my work around to 1/4".

I hope this helps others with a work around for failed IAC if we cannot locate.
Please let me know if you can locate a IAC Valve for manual trans.
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