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The cylinders will probably have to be honed or bored out. It depends on how good of shape they are in. If I was you, I would do it right the first time, so you dont have to worry about tearing it down again in the future. I would just bore it out and get new pistons and rings, push rods, lifters, and a new timing chain. I would also have the crankshaft and cam shaft looked at. I would also have the heads looked at and see if they need work. It the engine has alot of miles on it, or has been ran hot, you will most likely need to have them rebuilt. I would either go to a mechanic and see how much a rebuild kit is and I would go to parts stores and just see whats cheaper. You can get the whole kit with everything in it. For my 89 chevy, it was 250-300 bucks for the kit. Good luck!
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