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So about a week ago I bought a 1992 Toyota Celica St, I had to trailer it home cause it doesn't stay running.... Had a couple friends tell me it's bad gas-separated gas. Any way I was told to dump some dry gas into it and it should be ok. I did that but it still doesn't hold it's power to long. So my question is do I put some more Dry gas in my tank and keep letting it suck the water from the gas til it runs right or do I Drain my gas tank and fill it fresh and add octane boost.........Any opinions out there
ok so so far what i did to this since i bought it is the following......
1. Charged the battery
2. New Spark Plugs
3. Placed dry gas in tank
4. Took fuel pump out to look at it but the pump is working fine
5. Looked at all the fuses they are fine

Still have no freaking clue as to what is wrong. The car starts up fine and runs great, For bout 2 minutes and then shuts off. Even when I put it in gear it chokes and shuts it self off....Trying my hardest to figure this out by the end of the week cause i dont want it sitting where it is sitting.

I'm gonna try some octane boost in the gas tank to see if that helps.......PLEASE IF ANYBODY HAS ANY ADVICE I'LL TAKE ANYTHING AND TRY IT OUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE IT TOO ME.........

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