View Full Version : Did I blow a rod in my 95' toyota previa minivan?

Misty K
05-11-2009, 10:24 PM
The mechanic said I blew a rod but my brother who used to be a mechanic, doubts it. And I know nothing about cars. I get the oil changed religiously, its a 95 toyota minivan, and the oil was just changed not even 1000 miles ago.
I was driving the other day, got onto the highway, all was well, when it started acting like it was having problems pulling, so i started to pull off the highway to check transmission fluid when it started making a loud clanking sound, not even 100 yards off the highway, the clanking got horrible, the oil light came on, and the car died but I could not turn or punch the brakes hard enough to make car stop. I got out just to check the oil, it was in the safe, so i tried turning the car back on so i could drive into a parking lot, made it into a parking lot where it immediately died after making much louder clanking sounds, could turn or brake again, and then it started smoking and would not turn on again but for about a second. opinions? Is there hope for my car or should i start shopping around?