View Full Version : '93 Toyota Previa won't start, many tests done?

07-24-2009, 01:43 AM
This may be long but bear with me, I'm trying to cover all bases so people don't come back with the usual answer that I have already checked. Thanks in advance.

My car still won't start after numerous tests and replacement of parts. I'm having trouble pinpointing the problem so if anyone is somewhat knowledgeable and can point me in the right direction that's be great!

I have a brand new battery, bought it last week. With a voltmeter it reads 12.60 and when i crank the engine it drops to 12.09

The starter was also replaced last week. Testing the large cable with a volt meter shows right around 12 volts and the smaller cable when cranked shows up at about 11.86 - I didn't want to keep trying to crank it and mess my car up more so that was the initial reading before it stabilized out to the correct reading.

Also the clamp connecting the battery to the cables are heavy duty and brand new, a volt meter reading shows no drop between post and clamp

All fuses inside the car and in the small box next to the battery are fine, I checked the relays inside those compartments of the ones that I could see the metal clip but not of the huge ones that I would have to take apart to to check -

A brief history of what happened. The car used to occasionally not start, just a single click but when I tried again it would fire right up. Its gotten to the point now where I can't even start the car no matter how much I try.

When the car first died I had everything tested and it was pointing to the starter so I replaced it. That didn't work, when I started the car I still got a single loud click and a faint buzzing sound - kinda sounds like the current passing through the starter or something. Another test of the battery showed after it had been unhooked over night it lost all power so I believed the battery to be shot and I bought a new one. After I hooked it up the car was then turning over but wasn't starting, it was flooded. I didn't have the right size deep socket to take out the spark plugs and dry them off so I just gave the car full gas while starting it and after the second try it fired right up and the car ran fine for 3 or 4 days.

Then I started to notice when I would start the car up it wouldn't sound right and die quick so I'd try again and it would fire right up. On my way to work I tried to start my car and got a single loud click - after 3 tries It started but after I got to work, I couldn't get my car started again.

Today when I went to check on my car and do tests I got a single click, but when I was checking the drop in voltage while someone tried starting it it started to turn over real brief but died off and I wasn't able to get it to turn over again.

All I'm left with is a single loud click. Any idea on what this could be and how I should test this? I have a Chilton book and like to do all the repairs myself. I don't have money to tow the car right now either >.< Also how do I go about testing the ground? The engine is mid placement and the battery is up front, The only way I know to check ground is negative clip on the voltmeter to negative post on battery and positive to the housing on the starter, except my equipment won't reach.

I've tried starting the car in park and neutral and nothing changes. Also I've tried using my Chilton book to locate the starter relay but where it shows it is behind the odometers? I can't even see how to get in there .

From the sounds of it I believe my fuel pump to be working fine but how can I test it for sure without actually taking it out of the gas tank?
Also one thing, I don't know if it's relavant. Yesterday when I went to try and start my car again it was turning over but was acting like it was flooded... I'm guessing from trying to start it too much. When I did what I always do with flooded engines and give it full gas.. the second I pressed down on the gas pedal fully it died. And further attempts to start the car resulted in a single loud click.

11-10-2010, 02:38 AM
try and replace the fuel pump relay, the later models have it on the fire wall u can short the check connecto under the driver seat and find out if the fuel pump works. u can check you repair book , i know haynes repair manual tells u how i just dont remember right now.

04-29-2011, 09:36 AM
when testing the fuel pump, you will hear it working. did you replace fuel filter? . As for the click sound, may be the ignition switch went bad.

12-23-2012, 07:14 AM
its your fuel pump!
ways to test it.....
1) buy a can of starting fluid,

2) open the hose that goes in the fuel inj ( carb ) its located under your seat,

3) spray some into the hose, spray about 4-5 seconds if u could, with your left hand smash the gas pedal, and then spay about 3 seconds of it,

4) close back up the hose ( dont screw it back ) just put the hose back so you wont get a back fire.

if the van starts and then shuts off for a few seconds, WOLLA! ITS YOUR PUMP, dont buy a filter yet until you do these steps, the noise was coming from the pump, like a buzz sound, that will mean that its at a low speed, and will not push out the PSI'S that it should.

also? if you love your van like we all do, this could of happened, rust? or just something in the tank could of made it not working? dont know your miles, or condition, you should fully drain your tank, (clean) and also replace the ( pump,screen,) filter also!
hope this helps!