View Full Version : Car won't start - pushed on gas pedal and it died - 93 toyota previa?

07-23-2009, 01:05 PM
So I've been having a lot of trouble with my car lately. A brief search for what I have posted in the past week and you will see what I mean. A quick run down of whats going on.

When I turn the key to start my car I get a single loud click followed by a light buzzing sound. Sometimes I can get it to start up with a second or third try but usually I can't. Yesterday my car died and I got it turn over tonight on the first try but it just wasn't starting. I think the engine was flooded... so I did what I was taught to do when the engine was flooded and I don't have the proper socket to take out my spark plugs and dry the assembly out.... I start my car and as Its turning over give it full gas and It usually fires right up, sometimes it takes a few seconds but it always works. Tonight was different. As soon as I gave it full gas the car stopped turning over... dead. Another attempt and all I got was a loud click again.

The battery is brand new, and i tested it with a voltmeter, reads out 12.60 volts. Connectors that connect battery to cable are heavy duty and volt meter shows no drop in current between them.

Starter is brand new, just replaced it last week. A voltmeter test positive to the power in line and the negative to the housing shows a current of 12.62 - 12.63 it goes back and forth...and I thought it was a little odd considering voltage test at battery was only 12.60

Not a single fuse is blown in the car, I checked every single one except starter relay, I can't even find it. I'm using the Chilton book and it shows behind the cruise control actuator but that location in my car shown by the book doesn't exist/make since.

I've tried starting it in park and neutral and it doesn't help either way. Still a single loud click.

Any help on what it could be? Or what I should be testing next. I'd like to do all the repairs and testing myself seeing as I'm tight on money and can't even afford to have my car towed to a mechanic right now.

This is a 1993 Toyota Previa

04-30-2011, 07:27 AM
check wires terminals on starter, paper sand them if necessary, including the small wire, because this wire tends to get rusted and then have a bad connection.