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  1. honda fit or toyota matrix?
  2. For people who have a Toyota Matrix; would you recommend it to someone else?
  3. '03 Toyota Matrix rear wiper blade replacement?
  4. Toyota Matrix vs. Pontiac Vibe vs. Dodge Caliber?
  5. Which is better? Toyota Matrix hatchback or Mazda 3 hatchback?
  6. About the Toyota Matrix?
  7. anyone own the pontiac vibe ? whats it like campared to the toyota matrix?
  8. Towing capacity for Toyota Matrix?
  9. No spark plug wires on my Toyota Matrix XR 2003?
  10. Purchased a brand new toyota matrix xr from dealer..and now at 30000
  11. I read that catalytic converters have longer warranties than the car does.
  12. Is a 2005 Toyota Matrix a good family car?
  13. What type of tires come stock in a Toyota Matrix, XR, 2005, Four Door, FWD?
  14. Where can I find the lug buts for a 2006 Toyota Matrix in the San Francisco Area?
  15. replacing brake pads on a 07 toyota matrix xr..?
  16. hi, iam currently in alexandria egypt, can i get a toyota matrix here ?
  17. Should I keep the Toyota Matrix or look for something else?
  18. My 2005 Toyota Matrix's air conditioner cycles from cold to warm and
  19. Does any one know how to remove the back seat,bottom part on a Toyota Matrix...
  20. fitting full size bed in toyota matrix?
  21. Where can I find spark plug repair guide for a 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  22. General AWD toyota matrix maintenance?
  23. Stereo wiring for 03 Toyota Matrix?
  24. Anyone know or know where to find how fast a Toyota Matrix needs to be hit to...
  25. How is Toyota Matrix 2008 ?
  26. Is the Toyota Matrix a girl car?
  27. Transmission Problem Big, or Little? Pressure Control Soliniod D, Toyota Matrix,
  28. Does anyone know if these Toyota Matrix Tail lights will fit on a 2007 Matrix?
  29. Are the Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe based on the same vehicle, If so
  30. Can curtain airbags be added to a used 2005 Toyota Matrix XR?
  31. front bumper replacement for toyota matrix?
  32. Where can I get a roof rack for a 2005 Toyota Matrix?
  33. A/C Drain Plug On 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS?
  34. 2003 Toyota Matrix | engine troubles?
  35. Engine Swap: Toyota Supra/Camry to Yaris/Corolla/Matrix?
  36. Toyota Matrix Tranny "bump."?
  37. What's the difference between honda fit & toyota matrix?
  38. brake pads on a 2007 toyota matrix xr..?
  39. I'm looking to get a new car, what do you think is best, the Toyota Matrix...
  40. Toyota Matrix Door lamp issue?
  41. Does anyone own a 2004 Toyota Matrix?
  42. Which is the best : TOYOTA YARIS 1300 or Hyundai Matrix 1600 cc ?
  43. what would be better to buy a Toyota matrix or a Honda CR-V?
  44. I have a 2004 Toyota Matrix?
  45. How much to replace an oxygen sensor on a 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  46. What's better - the Toyota Matrix (Pontiac Vibe) or Maza3 wagon?
  47. 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA MATRIX/XR what do you think?
  48. Toyota Yaris vs. Matrix?
  49. Do the roof racks for the toyota matrix make noise if you add them on?
  50. My toyota matrix is doing something weird when I fill up. . .?
  51. Need help with Some 2004 Toyota Matrix problems?
  52. who sings in the new toyota matrix commercial?
  53. Whats is the Correct tire pressure for a Toyota Matrix 05?
  54. Two weeks ago I purchased a 2006 Toyota Matrix from a Toyota dealership. It has
  55. Can I replace a Catalytic Converter myself? Toyota Matrix 2003?
  56. would you buy a 2006 toyota matrix 46000miles fully loaded for 13808.00?
  57. I'm looking for a new 2006 Toyota Matrix?
  58. why did TOYOTA discontinue the AWD matrix xr?
  59. How to put the serpentine belt back on the Toyota Matrix 2003?
  60. Choosing from Honda Fit or Toyota Matrix?
  61. How much is my 2003 Toyota Matrix worth?
  62. Difference Between Toyota Matrix Base and XR?
  63. How much should I pay for 06 Toyota Matrix base model?
  64. How to change toyota matrix rotors?
  65. Noise from rear end, toyota 2004 matrix...?
  66. What would be a better choice, a ford focus wagon or a toyota matrix?
  67. 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS?
  68. Honda Fit or Toyota Matrix or Toyota Yaris?
  69. What do you think about used Toyota Matrix?
  70. anyone owns 2007 TOYOTA MATRIX??
  71. witch car looks better the new toyota matrix or the new Pontiac vibe?
  72. Is it worth customizing my 2005 Toyota Matrix?
  73. Toyota matrix?
  74. Toyota Matrix or Yaris?
  75. trade in: 2004 toyota matrix for current Prius?
  76. Toyota Matrix?
  77. Malfunction indicator light on 2003 Toyota matrix + burning smell?
  78. Mazda 3 HB or Toyota Matrix?
  79. Can I pull a tent trailer with a 2005 Toyota Matrix base model?
  80. I just brought a used 2004 Toyota Matrix at an Infiniti Dealer. Car had no...
  81. Is paying $2,750 for an extended warranty for a 2004 Toyota Matrix too much? It...
  82. Which toyota matrix model year is the best and why?
  83. I brought a 09 Toyota Matrix, with oil prices increasing I am looking to a trade
  84. When will Toyota introduce a Hybrid Matrix?
  85. Toyota Matrix 2004?
  86. Toyota Matrix rims?
  87. Toyota Matrix Rims and Tires?
  88. I have an 08 Toyota Matrix and was wondering if i install HID lights for it,...
  89. mazda 3 sport or pontiac vibe/toyota matrix?
  90. The song in the toyota matrix ad that goes " I want to know the who the...
  91. Song to this Toyota Matrix commercial...?
  92. Toyota Corolla or Matrix, which would you choose?
  93. just bought a red toyota matrix, and want to get it painted blue. how much you...
  94. Is the interior layout of the 2004 Toyota Matrix the same as the 2008 model?
  95. Toyota Matrix, Ford Focus, Mazda Protege5, or Pontiac Vibe?
  96. I'm thinking of trading in my 2008 Toyota Matrix XR for a 2009 Toyota...
  97. Hello everyone,anybody knows how to install a short ram intake for a toyota
  98. how much would it cost to replace the axle on a 2004 toyota matrix?
  99. 205/55r16 and 195/65r15 toyota matrix
  100. Best car to buy Toyota Matrix, Nissan Versa, Mazda6
  101. I keep scratching the underbody of my Toyota Matrix everytime i pull into my
  102. is there a "best" size for snow wheels for 2005 Toyota Matrix?
  103. Toyota Matrix snow wheels question follow up?
  104. Im thinking of buying a new 2008 Toyota Matrix XR for my son. Think he'll...
  105. How do I troubleshoot an airbag light on my 2005 Toyota Matrix?
  106. What's the best way to "drop" or lower my Toyota Matrix?
  107. Can I install a subwoofer in my 2003 Toyota Matrix without getting a new...
  108. Toyota Matrix 2004 Bolt pattern?
  109. Why do some prefer the Pontiac Vibe over the Toyota Matrix?
  110. 2009 Toyota Matrix XRS?
  111. Is the Toyota Yaris energy officiant Compared to the Toyota Matrix??
  112. toyota matrix 2005 ~ accident survivor - should i buy it?
  113. toyota matrix 2005 ~ accident survivor - should i buy it?
  114. Toyota Yaris or Matrix?
  115. Toyota Matrix Engine/Dealer fix issue?
  116. Mazda Protege5 or Toyota Matrix or something else?
  117. I am changing the oil on my 2006 Toyota Matrix, how do I turn off the...
  118. jeep compass vs toyota matrix?
  119. Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix - any differences?
  120. I notice there's a 2nd filter inside the filter box of Toyota Matrix. What is it?
  121. what cars look like toyota matrix?
  122. Question about the electrical system on my Toyota Matrix?
  123. Does anyone know how to pop in the power driver's side mirror for a Toyota Matrix?
  124. i bought a toyota matrix from a dealer in nj(dch brunswick)? the finance
  125. Tire Air Pressure Sensor - Toyota Matrix?
  126. what are some known common problems with 2006-2009 toyota matrix, corrollas,...
  127. How do you program a transponder key for a 2005 Toyota Matrix?
  128. Does the toyota 05 matrix have a imobilzer ?
  129. Which car is better for winter driving: Toyota Matrix or Pontiac Vibe?
  130. What is the interior length of a toyota matrix with the back seats down?
  131. Oil loss in 03 Matrix
  132. (!) display on dash board of my Toyota Matrix?
  133. How much will I get for my 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  134. My 2003 Toyota Matrix check engine light came on about 2 days ago. Can I still
  135. Toyota Matrix vs. VW Cabrio?
  136. 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS 6-Speed ?
  137. 2003 toyota matrix door lock problem!?
  138. Why I can't play my CD in my 05 Toyota Matrix car? ?
  139. Isn't it funny how people say the Pontiac Vibe is a huge GM hit when it's...
  140. How to replace bulb in 2003 toyota matrix center panel?
  141. Im a college student, is the toyota matrix or scion xd a better choice and why?
  142. Toyota Matrix (black) ?
  143. toyota matrix or honda civic?
  144. Does the dealer have to replace the catalytic converter on my 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  145. Damage Estimate for 2007 Toyota Matrix Front End Collision?
  146. Flickering Headlights on '05 Toyota Matrix?
  147. I have a 2004 Toyota Matrix with 89K miles in it. Last time I had my oil...
  148. Toyota Matrix 2009 Modified Version?
  149. Does the 2008 or 2009 Toyota Matrix model have an interference engine?
  150. 2009 Honda Fit,Toyota Matrix or Pontiac Vibe?
  151. Will 2- 12 dual subwoofers be too much for an 06 toyota matrix hatchback?
  152. I'm buying a Toyota Matrix XR 2004, 1 owner, 35,000 miles for $10,000 (includes...
  153. Why would my 2003 Toyota Matrix leak green fluid?
  154. Difference b/w regular '04 toyota matrix VS XR model?
  155. How much for a 60000 miles service for a 2003 Toyota Matrix XR and a smog check ?
  156. what are the best tires for a toyota matrix?
  157. Which car to buy for a college girl? Toyota Matrix or Honda Civic?
  158. '03 Toyota Matrix, code 90420 Cat Effic Below Threshold B1?
  159. What kind of RV or camp trailer can I pull with a toyota matrix or can I?
  160. Buying a new 2009 Toyota Matrix... need advice?
  161. Toyota Matrix 2003. Where is drain plug for change oil?
  162. Suzuki SX4 Crossover AWD vs. Toyota Matrix?
  163. need a pic of a black 09 toyota matrix?
  164. what is the cheapest insurance for toyota matrix 05 around dallas/ft.worth if...
  166. 2005 Toyota Matrix (Auto scan code: # P0420)?
  167. How do I change the headlight light bulbs in my 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  168. What should I expect to pay for a front axle brake job on a 2006 Toyota Matrix?
  169. I have a toyota matrix that keeps dying after I start my engine.?
  170. Auxiliary Input for 2006 Toyota Matrix?
  171. '04 Toyota Matrix question about the back window?
  172. 2004 - Toyota Matrix XR Car almost died on morning time when too cold outside.?
  173. Is The 2009 Toyota Matrix A Good Car ?
  174. How to change the fuel Sending Unit for Toyota Matrix?
  175. Adding a sun/moonroof to a 2005 toyota matrix?
  176. I have a 2005 toyota matrix and put an air intake in it...?
  177. Are Toyota Matrix's aimed for females?
  178. 2004 toyota matrix xr: auromatic door lock when driving?
  179. Who has a Toyota Matrix XRS 2009?
  180. How much should front breaks for a Toyota Matrix cost...really?!?
  181. Toyota Matrix Buy or Honda Fit?
  182. Pontiac Vibe Vs. Toyota Matrix?
  183. Can I add a hitch to a Toyota Matrix?
  184. 2009 Toyota Matrix Accessories?
  185. Opinions on Toyota Matrix?
  186. 2005 Toyota Matrix starting problems?
  187. Your opinion of the Toyota Matrix XRS?
  188. Is the 2009 Toyota Matrix reliable? Or should I go with the 2009 Scion tC?
  189. How to change transmission fluid in Toyota Matrix?
  190. Problems with my 2005 Toyota Matrix?
  191. Where can I buy T-IV transmission fluid for my Toyota Matrix?
  192. How much should it cost to replace the engine of a 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  193. 2003 Toyota Matrix XR and HID lights?
  194. How is the 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  195. How many gallons are in a 2003 Toyota Matrix gas tank?
  196. How do you change the passenger airbag on a Toyota Matrix?
  197. What kind of problems can I expect with a 2005 Toyota Matrix AWD model?
  198. Is a Toyota Matrix Type S is faster than a BMW 328 xi?
  199. toyota matrix '04 sound/audio/speaker system?
  200. Toyota Matrix 2005(sending Unit)?
  201. black cable/wire under my toyota matrix hood?
  202. My Toyota Matrix has a round piece of plastic missing where the fog lights
  203. Would an "K&N 69-8613TS Typhoon Air Intake System" fit into a Toyota Matrix 2009?
  204. 2004 Toyota matrix, theirs a red button near the hatch release button.?
  205. 2004 Toyota matrix, theirs a red button near the hatch release button.?
  206. Do you drive a Toyota Matrix and have a Britax car seat?
  207. Do you drive a Toyota Matrix and have a Britax car seat?
  208. Anyone know the name of this song in an old Toyota Matrix Commercial?
  209. I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix with engine light on. Told I need new Catalytic
  210. How to change a 2005 Toyota Matrix fog light?
  211. Civic vs. Pontiac Vibe vs. Toyota Matrix?
  212. Where is fluid coming from in a leak on the passenger side floor of a 2005 toyota
  213. 2009 Toyota Matrix S AWD or FWD?
  214. 2006 Toyota Matrix Transmission Drain Plug,bolt etc...?
  215. What do you think about the Toyota Matrix?
  216. Where is the fuse for the power windows in a 2003 Toyota Matrix?
  217. am i the only one that noticed that the Toyota Matrix and the potiac vibe...
  218. Mazda3 Sport/Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix Which is the best car to invest in?
  219. Mazda3 HB vs. Toyota Matrix vs. Honda Civic?
  220. Toyota Matrix or Mazda MAZDA3 S?
  221. what is the difference between a toyota matrix XR and the XRS?
  222. Is a mileage of 130,000 for a 2005 Toyota Matrix too high?
  223. Instrument panel gauges out on 2003 toyota matrix?
  224. What is the INVOICE price on a 2010 Toyota Matrix?
  225. what's the difference between a 2003 standard toyota matrix and a XR?
  226. 2005 Toyota Matrix transponder key?
  227. 2007 toyota matrix transmission died for the 2nd time?
  228. 2007 toyota matrix transmission problems?
  229. how to replace the bulb for the gear shifter in toyota matrix 2003?
  230. Will 55w H4 Razo lights work in my 2009 Toyota Matrix XRS?
  231. XM Satellite Radio only displays limited characters on 2009 Toyota Matrix XRS?
  232. i have 04 toyota matrix and i need help with head lights.?
  233. Are Toyota Matrix cars mainly driven by gays?
  234. What would look better on my Matrix XR, 18" rims or 20" rims? Im looking...
  235. help!!! I need help with my 2005 Toyota matrix!!!?
  236. Is the Toyota Blade currently being sold in Japan the same car as the...
  237. Is the Toyota Matrix bigger than the Mazda 3 Hatchback?
  238. Should I sell my 2005 Toyota Matrix?
  239. Toyota Prius, Civic Hybrid, Toyota Matrix, or Subaru?
  240. 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS? First Car?
  241. What type of Gas is better for the 2007 Toyota Matrix XR?
  242. Toyota Matrix vs Honda Civic LX. Opinions? Also what is a fair OTD price
  243. Is my Toyota Matrix 2007 a Hybrid?
  244. 2003 toyota matrix when breaking feels like the driver side drops, andhe wheel
  245. 2007 Toyota Matrix Air Filter?
  246. Where is the engine airbox located on a 2007 Toyota matrix?
  247. The airbag light is on for my '03 toyota matrix. No accident or anything. HELP.?
  248. Need help with a 2004 toyota matrix.?
  249. Need help with a 2004 toyota matrix.?
  250. 2004 toyota matrix radio antenna help?