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  1. where can I find parts and accesories for a 1990 toyota cressida?
  2. was the toyota cressida a good car??
  3. did the 1992 toyota cressida have a airbag??
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  6. 1991 toyota cressida?
  7. what do light on dash above grear shift display mean on 1986 toyota cressida?
  8. What is the capacity for the coolant system in a 87 Toyota Cressida?
  9. my dad has two cars - a 96 buck regal, and a 86 toyota cressida, he says i can have
  10. Am back with the muscle engine thing. This time am certain, Can the
  11. does the 1991 toyota cressida have the same alternator as any other year?
  12. toyota cressida problems electrical?
  13. Toyota Cressida?
  14. where is the starter motor situated in a toyota cressida grande 1992...I know...
  15. How do I install a cd player in my Toyota Cressida? and help with my tape player?
  16. 1989 toyota cressida power steering leak`?
  17. Where is the fuel pump relay located on the 1989 Toyota Cressida?
  18. windows & door locks dont work on 84 toyota cressida?
  19. 1990 toyota cressida?
  20. I would like to find out more about a trans cooler for a 1990 toyota cressida?
  21. can a 83 toyota cressida GL run on unleaded petrol?
  22. 1996 Toyota cressida's carburetor?
  23. Whare can I Find an 1980 Toyota Cressida for sale?
  24. How do you reset the check engine light on 1989 toyota cressida?
  25. Can anyone help me with my 1989 toyota cressida?
  26. why did toyota stop makeing the cressida in 1992 when it was their best selling car??
  27. 84 Toyota cressida gli-6 repair manual?
  28. i saw this toyota cressida for $200 i'm thinking of buying it but it has little
  29. My old Toyota Cressida is about to give up the ghost, any ideas?
  30. what is the bluebook value for an 1986 Toyota Cressida in good condition?
  31. Was it te Toyota Cressida or Chaser ??
  32. starting a '88 toyota cressida?
  33. Problems with my 1992 Toyota Cressida?
  34. I have a Toyota Cressida 1990 and my head light is having problem its sometimes...
  35. Which rims do you think is better looking on a 1992 Toyota Cressida Grande?
  36. 1983 toyota cressida is losing about 2 litres of coolant liquid from the radiator...
  37. I have a toyota cressida 1985?
  38. toyota cressida?
  39. 1991 Toyota Cressida?????
  40. Does anyone know where I can buy a used Toyota Cressida w/leather seats in mint...
  41. 1984 cressida toyota, does any body know if the fuel pump is located in hte tank or
  42. How much would you pay for a 1988 Toyota Cressida in excellent condition. These
  43. How much would you pay for a 1988 Toyota Cressida in great condition. These
  44. How much would you pay for a 1988 Toyota Cressida in excellent condition. These...
  45. how do i remove the rear speakers of my 1990 toyota cressida?
  46. Can I convert power steering to manual steering on a 1984 Toyota Cressida?
  47. Can I convert power steering to manual steering on a 1984 Toyota Cressida? ?
  48. Is a 1991 Toyota Cressida able to have a modified front bumper?
  49. Is a 1989 Toyota Cressida a reliable car? ?
  50. All Toyota cressida owners in Adelaide, South Australia?
  51. Toyota Cressida Salvage Question.?
  52. why does my toyota cressida throw out smoke after i come to a complete...
  53. 1982 Toyota Cressida gas tank size. ?
  54. Blown head gasket on my 1992 Toyota Cressida?
  55. will a straight pipe on my 85 toyota cressida 5m sound nice?
  56. 1990 Toyota Cressida ignition wire has no power to starter solenoid?
  57. Brake light on 1984 Toyota Cressida?
  58. 1988 Toyota Cressida Cam/Crank Timing?
  59. what can i do to my toyota cressida? performance wise.?
  60. Help! My Toyota Cressida will not accelerate!?
  61. Help! My Toyota Cressida will not accelerate!?
  62. What else should i do to my 1985 toyota cressida to have it running good?
  63. My 1985 Toyota Cressida is smoking from tail pipe? read the bottom.?
  64. Can I hook a small trailer to my 1987 toyota cressida?
  65. I have a 1990 Toyota Cressida that I purchased at the aucton?
  66. What is the entire process of changing the fuel pump and fuel filter in a 1985...
  67. drifters. i might get a toyota cressida.....?
  68. I have a 87 Toyota Cressida?
  69. Just given an 85 toyota cressida - the car lurches intermitently with acceleration-
  70. I have a Toyota Cressida (mx83)?
  71. I have a 1983 Toyota Cressida With a 5M-GE Motot The problem I have is...
  72. what engine is in the toyota cressida mx83 model?
  73. what were the available factory exterior paint colors for the toyota
  74. What is the "grande" in toyota cressida grande?
  75. What's the difference between a regular Toyota Cressida MX83 and a Cressida Grande?
  76. Continue the Toyota cressida MX83 project or purchase another car?
  77. What exterior paint colors did manufacturer offer for the Toyota Cressida MX83 model?
  78. I have toyota cressida 91model there was R12 in compressor it was not enough
  79. Toyota Cressida with 1jz swap?
  80. Differences in the Toyota Cressida MX83?
  81. Toyota Cressida trim levels?
  82. angel eye headlights for toyota cressida?
  83. Should i buy 1989 Toyota Cressida?
  84. toyota cressida 1978?
  85. just bought a 1990 cressida and have a question
  86. i have an 86 toyota cressida?
  87. I have a 1987 cressida
  88. high beams on a Toyota Cressida?
  89. what a better car toyota cressida or 300zx ?
  90. The coolant was never changed in a mint condition 1983 Toyota Cressida. It
  91. 1983 Toyota Cressida differential noise. This car is in pristine
  92. How do you replace pinion bearings 1983 Toyota cressida ?
  93. Does any of you in Scotland know about the Toyota Cressida?
  94. my 1991 toyota cressida oil light comes on when my idle is low at a red light. HELP!?
  95. Toyota Cressida 1989 is front or rear wheel dirve?
  96. Getting a Toyota Cressida good or bad ??? i have a under 2 grand limit and it is RWD?
  97. 1983 Toyota Cressida stable high idle problem.?
  98. what does the letter ECT-s on toyota cressida stands for ?
  99. what transmission will fit in a Toyota Cressida?
  100. 1989 toyota cressida with a very loud knock that varies with speed.?
  101. Manual transmission in a Cressida
  102. toyota cressida tyre size for 17" rims?
  103. How many miles can be put on a 1982 Toyota Cressida before overhaul?
  104. problem with Toyota cressida 85 model?
  105. My 90 toyota cressida overheats.?
  106. looking forolder toyota/cressida/import junk yard in dallas/fort worth area?
  107. 82 83 84 Cressida Parts
  108. Where is the a/c compressor for a 1990 toyota cressida?
  109. Where is the low pressure port for charging a/c in 1990 toyota cressida?
  110. How much should I pay for a 1985-1988 toyota Cressida?
  111. How much should it cost to reupholster a car 1979 Toyota Cressida? (average)?
  112. What size are the speakers in a '92 Toyota Cressida?
  113. wattage of '92 toyota cressida cd player?
  114. Size of the six speakers in toyota cressida?
  115. 1978 Cressida - Front Crossmember Required.
  116. toyota cressida station?
  117. 92 Cressida Grande for sale $2400
  118. What should I/shouldn't I add onto my Toyota Cressida?
  119. w58 swap
  120. 1979 Cressida X32 FOR SALE 46k ORIG!!!
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  122. Proud new owner of a 1990 Cressida! Any tips/advice?
  123. new to the site
  124. I need help about 1g-fe ignition wiring diagram
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  127. My 1990 Toyota Cressida is a jewel
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  133. Cressida MX 83 shock absorbers
  134. 1985 Cressida Factory shop manual
  135. Just want to say Hi.
  136. SERIALNINE Street Style X8
  137. mx83 w58 swap
  138. New With Questions and Diagnosis Help!
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