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  1. Is LPG gas conversion in a toyota hilux ute ok for engine in long run?
  2. Any comments on getting a Toyota Hilux as a first vehicle?
  3. i have a toyota hilux surf anyone tell me where the timing mark should be on the...
  4. Shocks for toyota 2000 hilux twin cab 4x4?
  5. I am very close to buying a toyota hilux surf 3.0td. What kind of
  6. The dash lights on my Toyota hilux '89 lit up so I replaced the alternator, dash
  7. where can i find six stud toyota hilux wheels.?
  8. how would I import an older Toyota Hilux to the usa?
  9. air conditioning for toyota hilux 1991?
  10. Does anyone have a Toyota Hilux ?
  11. Toyota Hilux or Nissan Navara any problems ?
  12. I have a toyota hilux,2L engine,can I change to 33x12.5x15 tires w/o changing the
  13. Electrical problem with Toyota Hilux.?
  14. what is the music off TOP GEAR when thay are destroying the red toyota hilux 4x4.????
  15. Toyota Hilux 2007 new wheels and tyres.?
  16. Temperature gauge (temp gauge) stopped working on '77 Toyota pickup (HiLux), help?
  17. Was between Mitsubishi L200 and Toyota Hilux...but someone now suggested...
  18. Any idea on the value of my car 1985 Toyota dual cab hilux?
  19. What is the difference between dual range 4x4 and 4x4 (eg on the toyota hilux)?
  20. How can I know I am am buying a legit toyota hilux surf from a dealer?
  21. Which is better, Nissan Navara or Toyota Hilux?
  22. i have a '92 toyota hilux 2wd petrol.?
  23. What do u think about pick up Toyota Hilux?
  24. Is there any country that Toyota launch Hilux SW4 with the engine of 2700cc
  25. 2000 toyota hilux sport 4wd thats stuck in 4wd?
  26. Are the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Hilux the same now(2007+)?
  27. What is the fuel consumption per kilometer to a gallon for Toyota hilux #LN166...
  28. Does anybody know any website that I can order cheap parts for a 1992...
  29. Getting a pick up truck, ivenarrowed it down to a Mitsubishi L200 or a Toyota...
  30. I'm looking for wiring diagram for TOYOTA Hilux ?
  31. I'm looking for wiring diagram for TOYOTA Hilux ?
  32. 2003 Toyota Hilux, 2003 Holden Rodeo, 2003 Mitsubishi Triton.which would you buy and
  33. what is the defect if the sign of inj.pump light comes on,model is toyota hilux 205?
  34. I have a toyota hilux with timing belt indication light on although the belt has...
  35. what engine is toyota hilux 4 runner 1980 to 1999 models in diesel and unleaded ?
  36. I'm looking for wiring diagram for TOYOTA Hilux ?
  37. I have a 1992 Toyota Hilux Surf 4x4 and the oil pressure doent regulate
  38. where do I find the production date on a 1991 toyota hilux surf?
  39. Do you drive a Toyota Hilux 2.7G (gasoline)?
  40. surf 3.0 hilux toyota?
  41. Where can I buy Toyota Hilux Vigo 4wd stock import in Trinidad & Tobago?
  42. Disabling EGR valve on Toyota Hilux Turbo Diesel?
  43. exhaust for toyota hilux diesel?
  44. Where can I find a 5-speed manual transmission for a 2006 Toyota Hilux 4*4 truck?
  45. Where can I find a 5-speed manual transmission for a 2006 Toyota Hilux 4*4 truck?
  46. Where can I find a 5-speed manual transmission for a 2006 Toyota Hilux 4*4 truck?
  47. Where can I find a 5-speed manual transmission for a 2006 Toyota Hilux 4*4 truck?
  48. I am looking at a Toyota Hilux Truck Its 10 years old has had 3 owners...
  49. Toyota HiLux starting problem?
  50. toyota hilux 97 extra cab sr5?
  51. I have a 1983 toyota hilux with a 2.4 diesel engine (2L) and i beleiev that
  52. what battries do i need for a toyota hilux surf 3.0 1993?
  53. Automotive enthusiasts - can you tell me would a Ford Courier roof mounted...
  54. How to lower a 1991 toyota hilux 2WD?
  55. how do you take the steering wheel off a 1989 toyota hilux 2.4 diesel ute ?
  56. i have a 1973 toyota hilux and it has electrical problems i olny have power in ?
  57. hi all. ive searched web looking for an old but running toyota hilux for sale.
  58. how does a toyota hilux vigo electric wondow work?
  59. HID kit for toyota hilux?
  60. HID lighting kit for 2007 toyota hilux?
  61. Can I buy cupholders for a toyota hilux?
  62. I own a Toyota Hilux 270 52 plate diesel d4d and it keeps blowing off the
  63. toyota surf hilux what are green and orange light on the turbo clock?
  64. which is a better choice between Toyota Hilux or Nissan Navara?
  65. Toyota Hilux Surf Stock Car Audio - How to transfer Music?
  66. Toyota Hilux Surf Stock Car Audio - How to transfer Music?
  67. i have a2.8 li toyota hilux diesel .the top seal on the injector pump is leaking...
  68. hi could any one tell me what 15 wheel rims if any fit my 1992 toyota hilux
  69. Where can i find a video of either a rodeo, latest toyota hilux or nissan navara...
  70. I am looking for an engine for a Toyota Hilux Surf 1993. Anyone know where I can
  71. What alloy wheels/tyre size could i get for a toyota hilux 4x4 mk4?
  72. want to change seats in a 1995 Toyota Hilux dual cab 4x4 ?
  73. Slanted Ute Canopy for Toyota Hilux?
  74. Good Suspension for Toyota Hilux?
  75. Toyota Hilux '86' temperature gauge ?
  76. my door locking mecanism on my toyota hilux has broken?
  77. Looking for '73 - '74 hilux to use for parts
  78. which is better toyota hilux or isuzu dmax?
  79. What is the problem with a Toyota Hilux Vigo vibrating at low revs?
  80. What is the problem with a Toyota Hilux Vigo vibrating at low revs?
  81. What is the problem with a Toyota Hilux Vigo vibrating at low revs?
  82. What is the problem with a Toyota Hilux Vigo vibrating at low revs?
  83. What is the problem with a Toyota Hilux Vigo vibrating at low revs?
  84. What is the problem with a Toyota Hilux Vigo vibrating at low revs?
  85. What is the problem with a Toyota Hilux Vigo vibrating at low revs?
  86. where can i buy a 2005-2009 toyota hilux right rear door?
  87. Toyota Hilux custom tray?
  88. Problem with my driver side window! It will not go up!! Toyota Hilux Surf 1992 Can...
  89. what is the tyre pressure 4 a toyota hilux surf 4x4 tyre size p265/70 15?
  90. toyota hilux light on dash not going off?
  91. what is the toyota hilux?
  92. toyota hilux four wheeler?
  93. where i can get toyota hilux in india?
  94. Toyota Hilux/Surf 1990 22R Petrol motor.?
  95. help have a 92 toyota hilux surf with a blow fuse for diesel relay but cant...
  96. toyota hilux 4wd 4 door?
  97. My 10A tail light fuse keeps blowing.Toyota Hilux 4WD?
  98. Toyota Hilux four wheel drive ?
  99. 1988 Toyota Pickup (Hilux) - timing chain change interval?
  100. i have a 2000 mdl toyota hilux?
  101. Value of Toyota Hilux?
  102. how much will a side panel for a new toyota 2 door hilux cost me ?
  103. looking for apart for toyota hilux pickup?
  104. looking for apart for toyota hilux pickup?
  105. Isuzu Mu s Toyota Hilux?
  106. Can a Toyota Hilux tow a horse float?
  107. What type of oil should I use for my 93 Toyota Hilux Surf Turbo diesel?
  108. My new Toyota Hilux 4x4 is using a lot of oil for a new car. Why? I have only
  109. I am buying a new mid size pick-up what is my best option A 2008 toyota
  110. will my 88 toyota hilux do skids with out over balanceing?
  111. can someone tell me how to wire up a cd player in a 89 toyota hilux?
  112. can some one tell me what the wires in a toyota 89 hilux for a cd player is please?
  113. Can some one tell me what the wires in a toyota 89 hilux for a cd player is please?
  114. will the power steering from a yn85 model hilux fit my yn57 model toyota hilux?
  115. does a 1989 toyota hilux surf ssr have a cambelt?
  116. Which is better long lasting reliable good ac and long lasting? toyota Hilux or the
  117. Child seats in Toyota Hilux trucks?
  118. Towing with toyota hilux, thinking of turboing.?
  119. What do I need to fit Toyota Hilux Vigo's fuel system?
  120. toyota hilux smoke problems?
  121. what is the most powerful engine you could put in a 1997 toyota hilux?
  122. Which is better Toyota Hilux 2009 or Nissan Navara?
  123. Toyota Hilux 3.0td 2004 Vs Nissan Navara 2003 3.0td?
  124. getting the right diff- rear
  125. Can I remove the back seat in my 2009 Dual Cab Toyota Hilux SR5?
  126. Toyota hilux 308 conversion?
  127. will cooling system still bleed up with leaky rad on 92 toyota hilux surf?
  128. door locking for a toyota hilux pick up?
  129. What is a reasonable price to pay for a 1992 Toyota Hilux SR5?
  130. how much will a rocket crawler for a toyota hilux or toyota tacoma cost?
  131. how much will a rocket crawler for a toyota hilux or toyota tacoma cost?
  132. i have a 92 toyota hilux surf 2.4d the fuse for the glow plugs keeps blowing?
  133. Where Can I get a pick up hard top for my 2006 Toyota Hilux? I live in...
  134. i own a 92 toyota hilux surf model LN130 my question is why do the glow plugs only...
  135. Truck Tents for Toyota Hilux?
  136. Can I buy a Toyota Hilux in Mexico and bring back to USA?
  137. What accessories does the Toyota Hilux have on BBC Primeval?
  138. cheap off road cars under 3.5k like Toyota hilux etc?
  139. 89 Toyota Hilux with a series 1 v6 commodore engine - overheating problems?
  140. I have fuel problems on my toyota hilux 2.5d4d pickup 52 plate.?
  141. Toyota Hilux surf 4x4 problem HELP!?
  142. I have an 02 Toyota hilux 270 d4d. The engine will run fine at 3000rpm
  143. Buy Toyota Hilux mini car toy (replica)?
  144. Will a 1996 toyota hilux sr5 tailgate fit a 1994 hilux sr5?
  145. 1995 toyota hilux transfer case ln 106?
  146. Where can I fond a mid '80's Toyota Hilux around Cincinnati, OH?
  147. 93 toyota hilux, what sort of price?
  148. Holden Hx Or Toyota Hilux?
  149. I want to buy a ute they are both 95model rodeo Holden and Toyota hilux but Toyota
  150. I want to buy a ute. im juggling up both are 95 model holden rodeo the other...
  151. Is A Toyota hilux ute (petrol) with 250 000km for $10,000au too much?
  152. what are performance upgrades i can do to my toyota hilux 4x4 v6 3.4lr 2003 ?from...
  153. What are some other performance upgrades for my Toyota hilux 4x4 v6 3.4lr..
  154. What are some other performance upgrades for my Toyota hilux 4x4 v6
  155. When driving 70-110kmph my Toyota hilux 4x4 has a vibration, not a real fast...
  156. Do you think it is worth keeping a 1985 4x4 toyota hilux?
  157. What can I do to improve my 1985 Toyota hilux engine performance?
  158. what diagnostic tool fits a toyota hilux 2001 2.7petrol?
  159. Toyota Hilux 4x4 Exhaust?
  160. What model Toyota Hilux is this?
  161. I am thinking of buying a toyota hilux next year when i get my learner...
  162. How much would a 1985 Toyota Hilux 2.4D be worth?
  163. Toyota Hilux Turbo Diesel Lack Of Power !!!?
  164. i have a toyota hilux 2.8diesel just had engine rebuild now it wont start?
  165. My 4x4 Toyota hilux 2002 may have a problem.. If u can help me out click and I'll
  166. 1991 toyota hilux surf parts fit 1984 toyota hilux?
  167. do toyota hilux d4d engines have problems?
  168. I have a 1994 Toyota Hilux Surf... Does anyone know how to install a car...
  169. toyota hilux?mitsubishi l200?isuzu dmax?mazda b2500?
  170. 1988 toyota hilux..Are they good?
  171. does the toyota hilux 2.4 turbo diesel have poor excellaration?
  172. Where can I get an insurance quote for my Toyota hilux?
  173. Toyota Hilux Models Help ?
  174. toyota hilux leaking coolant?
  175. toyota 1992 turbo diesel auto hilux surf problems starting?
  176. How come they do not sell the Toyota Hilux in the United States?
  177. i have a Diesel leak on my Toyota Hilux at the Diesel pump is there any thing on
  178. Toyota Hilux 2.8L Diesel - 2005 model. What is the fuel consumption please?
  179. how often do i need to change the timing belt in a Toyota diesel hilux?
  180. Low Price Of Toyota Hilux D/cab Less Price Than 10000$?
  181. IMG Old School Meet SAN DIEGO, CA sept 19, 2010
  182. Can I put 33" rear tires, and 31" front on my 4x4 Toyota hilux(40mm front lift,50mm
  183. does a Toyota hilux 2 door have more space than a Toyota hilux 4 door?
  184. Donde puedo encontrar toyota hilux baratos del ano 2010 pero que sea diesel. ayuda?
  185. a dig @ buddy the toyota mascot...
  186. Can a toyota hilux pick up be a family car?
  187. Where is the main fuse box located inside a 2008 Toyota Hilux?
  188. How fast is a stock 1970 Toyota Hilux with a 4 speed tranni?
  189. Toyota Hilux in fleet quantities. Where can I buy them worldwide ?
  190. 1995 Toyota hilux RN85R, 22r engine review?
  191. 1995 Toyota hilux RN85R, 22r engine?
  192. toyota hilux windsreen remove?
  193. 1984 toyota hilux dual cap engine bay?
  194. Toyota Hilux tray RN85 R ( 22R ) dash warning lights?
  195. how much engine oil toyota hilux 4x4 92?
  196. Toyota Hilux 1995 2.4ltr RN85/22r problem?
  197. Toyota Hilux 1995 2.4ltr RN85/22r problem?
  198. I have mounted a machine gun on the top of my Toyota Hilux, will it pass...
  199. Will my Toyota Hilux pass its MOT in UK?
  200. what should I buy for me and my 40 theives, toyota hilux? or Land Rover?
  201. 1982 toyota hilux rn?
  202. why are front brakes on toyota hilux locking up after a while driving?
  203. toyota hilux questions?
  204. Where is the pressure regulator/switch and exhaust primary filter...
  205. How do you perfom a Fuel rail pressure test on a Toyota Hilux D4d 2.5 SRX
  206. How much would a 1996 Toyota Hilux LN106R with a 4'' lift and about
  207. what is 3.0G stand for in toyota hilux 3.0G? what is the number 3.0 and the letter G
  208. Where is the Exhaust Gas circulation valve/sensor situated in a Toyota
  209. Introduction and 93 4x4 PU question
  210. 91 Toyota surf gearbox problems auto
  211. Hilux surf k reg registered uk 2004
  212. differential leaking? (4WD 1989)
  213. Replace leaf springs
  214. 1990 Toyota 4x4 brake problems :/
  215. hi guys just joined
  216. hilux 2lt info
  217. Hilux rear seats
  218. 87 4x4
  219. 1982 - 18R engine ute
  220. Timing belt dasboard light reset
  221. Coolant ******ing out of cylinder head
  222. 2LII hilux LN 145r
  223. Brake/ side light issue
  224. 1992 Hilux drivers door lock stuck
  225. It just died
  226. Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge
  227. 1994 SR5 - 2.4D (2l) - Compatable Engines
  228. Wanted 1979-1981 diff for Hiace/Hilux