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  1. toyota tercel 1993 cranked up ,but only for a short time.?
  2. 92 Toyota Tercel uses coolent?
  3. 1995 Toyota Tercel DX?
  4. why is my 93 toyota tercel running rich?
  5. toyota tercel 94, auto mechanic question?
  6. is there any upgrades or mods out htere for a 89 toyota tercel?
  7. 1995 Toyota Tercel?
  8. whats wrong with my 3 speed 95 toyota tercel?
  9. 93 Mitsubsisi mirage automatic i would like to no if a tranny from a toyota...
  10. which is a more reliable second hand car, geo metro or a toyota tercel, same...
  11. toyota tercel for sale?
  12. Bad Battery jumping for a Toyota Tercel 99. What fuse I should check?
  13. Electrical Issues in Toyota Tercel?
  14. what's wrong with my 3 speed automatic 1995 toyota tercel?
  15. about how much to fix a 1994 toyota tercel A/C?
  16. which car to get? USED toyota tercel, corolla, camry, honda civic or nissan sentra?
  17. 93 Toyota Tercel?
  18. What size are the speakers in a 1994 Toyota Tercel's driver and passenger side doors?
  19. why are second hand toyota tercel prices so high all of a sudden?
  20. How do I install the speed chip (enhancer) in my 1991 Toyota Tercel?
  21. 1993 toyota tercel,dead cell in battery,replaced. car still wont turn over. one...
  22. Heating/Cooling Fan on a 1993 toyota tercel not working.?
  23. rear light stay on my tercel 1992 toyota?
  24. why is my 1994 toyota tercel using 3 qts of oil for every 125 miles driven?
  25. where is the idle located on a 96 Toyota Tercel?
  26. 1993 Toyota Tercel almost but no dice.?
  27. Hard 2 fix?? Head Gasket blown on a 93 Toyota Tercel DX.?
  28. Whats wrong with my 3 speed 1995 toyota tercel?
  29. 1995 Toyota Tercel DX?
  30. Whats wrong with my 3 speed 1995 toyota tercel?
  31. is it possible to install a v8 engine on a 95 toyota tercel?
  32. How do I put speakers in a 1994 Toyota Tercel coupe?
  33. how much will insurance be for a 19yr old with a 93 toyota tercel in NYC?
  34. Toyota Tercel DX 1995 auto, A/C 115 K mile?
  35. i am looking for the mechanism that raises the glass on the doors of my toyota
  36. Any problems/concerns with a 1997 toyota tercel?
  37. Does anyone know the reliability and safety of a 1989 Toyota Tercel?
  38. how much could you get for a 1982 toyota tercel 67,000 miles?
  39. What causes the squealing sound in a 83 toyota tercel? Is it probably the
  40. Which K&N Cold Air Intake fits a 1988 Toyota Corsa (Tercel)?
  41. Thinking of buying an '86 Toyota tercel 4x4 wagon, this will be my first
  42. 1983 toyota tercel, electric fan control located?
  43. 1993 Toyota Tercel, Manuel, have to press the clutch several time to get...
  44. looking for a free diagram for timing for a 80 to 82 toyota tercel?
  45. my 91 toyota tercel idles rough when cold or not started for awhile.What is
  46. What is the redline limit for a 1994 Toyota Tercel? Redline for the RPM?
  47. 1989 toyota tercel carberater problem need help?
  48. i want to know if a engine could be swapped in a toyota tercel 94?
  49. My 97 Toyota Tercel keeps burning out spark plugs?
  50. how can I find some type of cargo carrier for a toyota tercel?
  51. I'm getting a Toyota Tercel 1997 model (86K Miles) in $2200. Is it worth?
  52. 1986 Toyota tercel 1.5l engine want to buy one that comes from japan with 30k?
  53. If I put 17/18 rims on my 96 Toyota Tercel DX will I have to get bigger and
  54. 1989 Toyota tercel keeps over heating-rplcd radiator --water keeps going down??
  55. 92 toyota tercel reset botton?
  56. how much horsepower does a 1987 toyota tercel have?
  57. resurfaced head on 97 toyota tercel put everything back together and car
  58. does anyone know how much it cost to replace a key in an ignition for a 97'
  59. how do i remove the front axiles on a '92 toyota tercel?
  60. where can I find a Toyota Tercel 1995-96 with a blown engine.?
  61. 91 clearcoat
  62. I have a 86 toyota tercel with no ac in it at all. They came like that. My...
  63. I have a Toyota Tercel 91' Hatchback owner, can you help me with speakers?
  64. why does my 92 toyota tercel 1.5L seems to overheat?
  65. hey car guys im a car guy myself and was thinking could i get a pontiac...
  66. I need help replacing an oil pan gasket on a 1984 toyota tercel wagon?
  67. My 1992 toyota tercel shakes sometimes when left in drive at stoplights.?
  68. my 1992 toyota tercel STD requires P145/80R13 tires?
  69. Toyota Tercel?
  70. How can I improve my gas mileage in a 96' Toyota Tercel?
  71. will mazda miata wheels interchange with toyota tercel wheels they both have...
  72. Toyota Tercel drivers, what mpg do you get?
  73. Toyota Tercel. Stopped running while driving. Was stuttering when trying to
  74. How much would it cost to replace the transmission (automatic) in a 1997 Toyota...
  75. '92 toyota tercel and a '93 strut?
  76. I just bought a 1992 toyota tercel for 1500 it only has 100k miles, I drive 60...
  77. my Toyota Tercel 95 clock is not working propely, it lits up only when
  78. what would be a good setup for my 1997 toyota tercel?
  79. Is a Toyota Tercel 1996 an interference or non-interference engine?
  80. Did I get a good deal on this 1992 Toyota Tercel, it has100k miles its clean in
  81. How do I adjust the idle speed on a 1998 Toyota Tercel?
  82. What can I do to improve my 1992 Toyota Tercels hill climbing abilities
  83. Toyota Tercel timing belt and waterpump replacement cost
  84. My toyota 91 tercel
  85. where do you adjust the Idle for 92 toyota tercel
  86. How to take out a Toyota Tercel 1989 Audio Deck
  87. Need to pretty up a junker 93 Toyota Tercel for a college girl.?
  88. Driping Liquid in side car on passenger side near the foot area of Toyota Tercel?
  89. cost of repairig heating core in toyota tercel 1995 , the cheapest way ?
  90. Does a 1997 Toyota Tercel stickshift have transmission fluid that should be checked?
  91. What kind of tune ups are needed for a 97 Toyota Tercel with 127,000 miles?
  92. What is the best repair manual I can get for a 1997 Toyota Tercel?
  93. my 92 toyota tercel dome light fuse keep buning, what else connected to that fuse?
  94. my 92 toyota tercel dome light fuse keep buning, what else connected to that fuse?
  95. How fast have you driven in your Toyota Tercel?
  96. heater don't work in my 1980 Toyota tercel?
  97. where can I find website fuse box wiring diagram for toyota tercel 92?
  98. can I change my automatic tranmission to manual,on my 92 toyota tercel?
  99. Toyota Tercel 1989 starting it up? wants to quit on me!?
  100. Need a Toyota Tercel reupholstered?
  101. My 94 toyota tercel leaks oil and oil smoke comes from front left spark plug. a...
  102. Is a CD player a standard feture on most Toyota Tercels?
  103. Where is the fuel pump located on a 1984 Toyota Tercel?
  104. 1984 Toyota Tercel will only idle with accelerator fully depressed?
  105. How to replace the starter on a 97 Toyota Tercel?
  106. Fog on windshiedl on Toyota Tercel 1995?
  107. How do you replace an oxygen sensor on a 1995 Toyota Tercel?
  108. i have a p code(missfire) 0300 on my toyota tercel 95 DOHC?
  109. 1995 toyota tercel problem??
  110. Dose anyone know of a site where I can find a pdf. for a 1986 toyota tercel? I
  111. will this engine fit in my toyota tercel?
  112. I have a 92 toyota tercel, my cooling fan works, but it turns slow not strong ?
  113. 1997 (toyota) Tercel CE?
  114. abnormal idle in my a 1991 toyota tercel wht do i do?
  115. how is Toyota Tercel car?
  116. I have a 1991 Toyota Tercel that has blue smoke coming from the exhaust. What
  117. My 1981 Toyota tercel deluxe will no shift into first or third,?
  118. Should I buy a Mint looking 1981 Toyota Tercel or a slightly rusty 1984 toyota...
  119. Where does the thermal flasher go on a 1987 toyota tercel?
  120. can a left fender of a 92 toyota tercel fit on a 91 toyota tercel ?
  121. My toyota tercel (1985) is ?
  122. I have a 96 toyota tercel performance?
  123. How do you remove passengar airbag 1997 toyota tercel ?
  124. How do you remove front axle from 1994 toyota tercel?
  125. Toyota Tercel windshield washer?
  126. Would the wheels from a 1999 Honda civic fit a 1994 Toyota Tercel?
  127. I have a problem with my control arm on my toyota tercel please help?
  128. I have a problem with my control arm on my toyota tercel please help?
  129. I have a problem with my control arm on my toyota tercel please help?
  130. I want to sell my 97' Toyota Tercel?
  131. Toyota Tercel problem!?
  132. 1995 toyota tercel makes scrape noise when moving afterawhile?
  133. 1995 toyota tercel makes scrape noise when driving?
  134. 95 Toyota Tercel sputtering?
  135. Why won't my 1993 Toyota Tercel start?
  136. How much does it cost to get a new clutch in a 96 Toyota Tercel?
  137. Does a 96 Toyota Tercel have a self adjusting clutch or does it need to be adjusted?
  138. How long can a clutch last,I have a 96 Toyota Tercel?
  139. 93 Toyota Tercel Engine Knocking ?
  140. 84 Toyota Tercel won't start possible causes?
  141. 1984 Toyota Tercel mechanical fuel pump question?
  142. Can someone tell me what my compression should read on a 1984 Toyota Tercel?
  143. How long does it take to change out 4 speed manual transmission on 1995 Toyota...
  144. How long should it take to replace a manual 4 speed transmission in 1995...
  145. What kind of frame does a 83 Toyota tercel have?
  146. the oil light on my 1997 Toyota Tercel flickers when I brake or am idle.?
  147. the oil light on my 1997 Toyota Tercel flickers when I brake or am idle.?
  148. I just got belts replaced on a 96 Toyota Tercel why is the belt slipping?If
  149. I have a 1991 toyota tercel 2d FWD need pricing no BS?
  150. Toyota Tercel 97 speedometer problems?
  151. How much will it cost to replace a heating core in a 1996 Toyota Tercel? ?
  152. Where Can I Find a Newly Rebuilt Engine for my 1993 Toyota Tercel?
  153. EGR Location on 1994 Toyota Tercel?
  154. 1991 toyota tercel hard start?
  155. New motor or turbo for my toyota tercel?
  156. Where, in God's good name, is the EGR valve located on a 1993 Toyota Tercel?
  157. 1995 Toyota Tercel... repair suggestions required...?
  158. The cost of a 1994 toyota tercel motor head gaskets?
  159. My 1995 toyota Tercel Has an oil leak Leak. Is there anything I can do myself
  160. How do you change the headlight bulb on a 1994 Toyota tercel?
  161. 1995 Toyota Tercel, can't read codes for some reason?
  162. 1992 toyota tercel..?
  163. I just baught a 92 toyota tercel and the back lights wont work?
  164. cost of replacing pistons on a 1994 toyota tercel?
  165. Painting a Toyota Tercel in Arizona?
  166. A rebuilt motor on a toyota tercel 1994?
  167. 1994 toyota tercel rebuilt engine?
  168. 1994 toyota tercel ring job?
  169. How much could I get for a '91 Toyota Tercel?
  170. Subaru loyale versus Toyota tercel 4wd?
  171. Im thinking of buying a Toyota Tercel (between 1994-1998)...Advice please?
  172. Can a 89 Toyota Tercel become an upgrade?
  173. 1995 toyota tercel battery question?
  174. When should my gas light come on in my 1997 Toyota Tercel?
  175. replacing lost car keys, toyota tercel-please helppp!!?
  176. Someone is GIVING me a Toyota it worth having?
  177. I have a 1992 Toyota Tercel and lost my keys two weekends ago...? (please help me!)?
  178. What's wrong with my car? It's a Toyota tercel 97'?
  179. 1992 toyota tercel starting problems?
  180. where can i buy a toyota tercel engine in the austin area?
  181. Need a new alternator for a Toyota Tercel?
  182. How do I check the level of transmission fluid on my 1991 Toyota Tercel?
  183. what would a motor for a 1986 toyota tercel?
  184. Can i use parts off a 1993 toyota tercel for my 1995 toyota tercel?
  185. Will my 95 toyota tercel make the commute?
  186. Can Toyota Tercel parts be used on a Toyota Pick-up?
  187. will the motor off a 93 Toyota Paseo fit directly to the transmission of a 93
  188. what is the spark plug gap setting for a 1994 toyota tercel?
  189. Where is the starter motor located on a 1991 toyota tercel?
  190. How to access 1993 Toyota Tercel trunk, I have a broken lock and no rear
  191. How do you clean an ERG valve in a 1996 Toyota Tercel?
  192. How can I access the trunk of my 1993 Toyota Tercel?
  193. replacing the transmission on a 1993 toyota tercel?
  194. my 1992 toyota tercel?
  195. 1990 Toyota Tercel - Redline Weber carburetor better than original 1bbl venturi?
  196. 95 toyota tercel?i want to make the exhaust louder what can i do without
  197. hey i have a 1995 toyota tercel and i wanna make it the exhaut louder what
  198. need help with 95 toyota tercel?
  199. Good speakers for a toyota tercel?
  200. Is the Toyota Paseo Any Good? Or a '94 Tercel?
  201. How to fix seized brakes on a 1994 FWD Toyota Tercel sedan?
  202. how much should a tune-up be for a 1997 toyota tercel?
  203. Check engine light in my 1992 Toyota Tercel....?
  204. My 1996 Toyota Tercel has a shifting problem?
  205. My 1996 Toyota Tercel is burning a little oil,can using a different oil help?
  206. Whats the most amount of miles you've seen on a 1996 Toyota Tercel with the
  207. Why My Toyota Tercel Is Blowing Water And White Smoke Out Of The Tailpipe?
  208. Most amount of miles you've seen on a 1996 Toyota Tercel (with the original engine)?
  209. A friend of mine has a 1992 Toyota Tercel and the timing belt just gave out. Does...
  210. i own a 1994 toyota tercel and when i brake my car shakes. why does my...
  211. what should i do with my 1994 toyota tercel?
  212. Toyota Tercel 1994, Helpppp?
  213. Toyota Tercel 1994, Helppppp?
  214. Toyota Tercel 1994 Hellpppp?
  215. How Much Is It For A Paint Job For A 96 Toyota Tercel?
  216. 91 Toyota Tercel - stuck in FAST IDLE.?
  217. What is the muffler inlet diameter for a 1993 Toyota Tercel?
  218. Where is the coolant temp sender located for a 91 toyota tercel?
  219. Car sputters as gas is pushed in '96 Toyota Tercel?
  220. does a 1991 toyota tercel have shocks or struts?
  221. Radio Wiring for 1981 Toyota Corolla Tercel. Colors are
  222. dysfunctional winshield for toyota tercel 98 ?
  223. I am thinking of trading my 1996 Toyota Tercel automatic 3speed, 2 doors for
  224. I own a 1984 toyota tercel and I am repairing a cv joint boot will there be
  225. Toyota Tercel 1995 radio is not working?
  226. I am having problems with installing my flywheel back onto my 1984 toyota...
  227. I have a 1992 toyota tercel and a want to put 16's inch rims want size
  228. 1990 Toyota Tercel coupe How many miles do these cars last?
  229. I have a 1997 toyota tercel, and my adult son pulled the emergecy?
  230. I am having problems with my toyota tercel can you help?
  231. I have a 1984 toyota tercel, I just recently got up and running. While I was
  232. How do I change the light bulbs in the dashboard of a 1996 Toyota Tercel?
  233. Fixing 1987 Toyota Tercel?
  234. 95 Toyota Tercel Clutch?
  235. What Kind Of Toyota Tercel Do I Have?
  236. I have a 1992 Toyota Tercel DX Japan sedan?
  237. What is the cheapest price for removing and replacing tint on a 2 door 96...
  238. 1999 Toyota Tercel or 2003 Toyota Echo?
  239. 1996 Toyota Tercel EGR valve question?
  240. 1990 Toyota Tercel coupe?
  241. Where is the ignition coil on a toyota tercel?
  242. How do you remove a clutch cable from 1985 Toyota Tercel?
  243. 94 Tercel won't engage in any gear!
  244. How can I start a manual 1994 toyota tercel without the key?
  245. How can I start a manual 1994 toyota tercel without the key?
  246. can i tow a small trailer with a 93 Toyota Tercel?
  247. about my 1992 toyota tercel?
  248. how to adjust timming on a 99 toyota tercel?
  249. about my 92 toyota tercel?
  250. where are the spark plugs located on a 1995 Toyota tercel?