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  1. I just had my transmission (Toyota MR2) rebuilt and as I was driving home, the
  2. Are there any tricks to replacing the engine lid release cable on a 2000 Toyota
  3. Should I buy a Smart Parts Ion or Spyder MR2?
  4. What is the gas mileage for a 2001 toyota spyder?
  5. Why doesn't Toyota make any sports car anymore besides that Mr2?
  6. is the toyota MR2 spyder a reliable car??
  7. Spyder MR2 Trigger Question.?
  8. I have sludge in my MR 2 Spyder....the superlube mechanic said I should take it
  9. Toyota MR2 engine?
  10. I have a 1987 Toyota MR2 with the 1.6dohc. (engine swap?)?
  11. question for paintballers what will you get a smartparts ion or the spyder mr2?
  12. Toyota MR2?
  13. How can I find the exact engine that my car has? I have a 2001 Toyota MR-2 Spyder.?
  14. Buying a Toyota Mr2?
  15. Toyota Mr2 2.2L Mechanical Questions?
  16. 2002 Toyota MR2 Warranty?
  17. Is the toyota MR2 spyder a reliable car??
  18. I cannot get the injectors to pulse or the fuel pump to run in a 1986...
  19. i am looking to buy a toyota mr2 turbo mk2 but alot of them are imports
  20. ok im looking to buy a mr2 spyder from toyota?
  21. Toyota spyder battery.?
  22. i like toyota because they are very reliable i was looking at buying a MR2 Spyder...
  23. toyota mr2?
  24. Toyota MR2 Audio?
  25. spyder mr2 paintball?
  26. My 2003 MR2 spyder dashboard lights died but everything else works anyone know what
  27. Toyota MR 2 modification?
  28. Where is a one stop site that I can buy parts for a 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  29. 2001 mr2 spyder TRANSAXLE PROBLEMS?
  30. Can I change a headlight assembly on a 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder without removing
  31. toyota mr2 spyder?
  32. toyota mr2 4agze engine. How many true hp do you think one could get.?
  33. can i remove the pipes on my toyota mr2 mk2 engine (3SGE) to clean and spray them?
  34. toyota mr2 VIN number?
  35. toyota mr2?
  36. Anyone own a toyota mr2 spyder?
  37. Modifying a Toyota MR2?
  38. Spyder MR1 or MR2 (Any good)?
  39. I and friends have seen a Toyota Spyder Hybrid in LA. Where can one get one?
  40. Im trying to get a paintball gun and it comes down to this spyder...
  41. I have a mr2 spyder 03', can i put an tachometer but i have a smt?
  42. toyota MR2: has anyone got a drivers side electric window switch for a mk 2 1991 MR2?
  43. Spyder MR2 or Tippmann A-5?
  44. Toyota MR2 SW20. Mechanical Question?
  45. Does Toyota make a Hybrid Spyder sports car?
  46. Toyota MR2 Automatic?
  47. If you put a porsche engine in a toyota mr2 would it be considered a porsche
  48. Toyota MR2 & I need to add pwr steering fluid but it is covered w/the black
  49. 4 seat toyota mr2 spyder?
  50. I have a 1991 toyota mr2. will the tranny for the non turbo motor bolt onto the
  51. where can I find a free repair manual for a 1986 toyota mr2 engine?
  52. toyota corolla 94 with mr2 engine?
  53. Can you switch off a 2000 (x reg) Toyota MR2 airbag???
  54. What is the 0-60 time of a Toyota MR2 Turbo (Revision 3 Model)?
  55. what is the name of the toyota MR2 engine and whats the size (not v4 but the...
  56. toyota mr2 mk2. my speedometer has stopped (suddenly). is cable replacement
  57. Where is the radiator on my 2004 toyota mr2 spyder?
  58. Toyota MR2 Spyder sequential manual transmission?
  59. How much will a Toyota Spyder increase my insurance?
  60. questions about 2000 toyota mr2 spyder?
  61. HELP pros and cons- Acura RSX or Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  62. Problems with starting my 1991 Toyota MR2 turbo?
  63. Toyota Mr2?
  64. About paintball? Spyder mr2 with eyes?
  65. how do you take out the radio/cd player from a toyota mr2 spyder?
  66. mr2 spyder?
  67. I have a 2000 MR2 spyder. Loosing lots of oil?
  68. MR2 Spyder SVT or BMW Z4?
  69. I have a 1987 automatic toyota mr2 and I wanted to get new sparkplugs?
  70. Should i buy a convertible Toyota MR2 with 90'000 miles and full service for 3995?
  71. What would be a better option, MR2 Spyder SVT or Boxster Auto?
  72. Toyota MR2 can anyone tell me where?
  73. Toyota MR2 for first car?
  74. Spyder MR2 problem!?!?!?!?
  75. Does anyone know where the fuel pump is located on a '86 Toyota MR2?
  76. i need a 1986 convertible mr2 fuel pump can any other toyota from that year
  77. toyota MR2 1988?
  78. Paintball: Spyder MR1 or MR2 w/ EYE?
  79. Toyota mr2 Spyder?
  80. Toyota MR2 Spyder or Toyota Solara Convertible?
  81. how do you adjust a hydrolic clutch on a 1987 toyota mr2?
  82. how do you adjust a hydrolic clutch on a 1987 toyota mr2?
  83. Mazda mx5 miata or Toyota mr2?
  84. Toyota MR2 '95 M/T VS BMW Z3 VS Mecedez Benz SL or SLK230?
  85. Toyota MR2 Spyder a good car?
  86. I want to buy a 1992 Toyota MR2?
  87. Should i get spyder mr2 w/eyes or Tippmann Alpha army tactical w/egrip?
  88. Any Toyota MR-2 or MR-S owners here?
  89. what is a fair price for a toyota MR2 from 1990-1995?
  90. Toyota MR2 Mk II best model?
  91. Toyota Mr2 Turbo REV 2 3 prices?
  92. 2000 Mr2 spyder question!!!
  93. How can I make my Toyota MR2 interior better?
  94. 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder aftermarket shift knob boot installation help.
  95. Will a mk2 toyota mr2 engine fit into a mk1 mr2 ie a 2l turbo?
  96. where is the fuel pump on a 1986 toyota mr2?
  97. Is the spyder MR2 a good marker to buy
  98. Can you put US spec parts on a Jap. import Toyota MR2
  99. where can i buy toyota mr2 91 front bumer?
  100. toyota mr2 parts catalog?
  101. Toyota MR2 Mk1 headlamps...same as any other model??
  102. If you have a Kingman Spyder Mr2 tell me the pros and looking to buy one
  103. whenever i turn sixteen i want a toyota mr-2 with a straight-6 what will...
  104. straight six in toyota mr-2 or mr-s 99-05 and wer can i get performance for motor?
  105. New Tires on My MR2 Spyder Toyota?
  106. 1990 Toyota MR2 N/A overheating after short trips?
  107. 1985 Toyota MR2 runs cold but once it warms up it stalls out?
  108. my spyder mr2 will not fire a paintball but every 20 times i hit the trigger? ?
  109. 2001 MR2 Spyder vs. 2002 Honda S2000 vs. 2004 Nissan 350Z?
  110. Toyota MR-2 Spyder in the snow?
  111. Is the spyder mr2 paintball gun a good quality paintball gun?
  112. What are some accessories and barrels that work well with the spyder mr2...
  113. where to find Generation 2 toyota mr2 non-turbo performance parts?
  114. Lost key to my Toyota MR2?! Can't open TrunK! help?
  115. Any one know any thing about toyota mr2's?
  116. problems with toyota mr2?
  117. Toyota MR2, where can i buy a hardtop from?
  118. 1991 Toyota mr2 turbo--power steering?
  119. Who bought their spouse a Toyota MR2?
  120. hardtop for a mr2 spyder?
  121. What aftermarket barrel would you recommend for a kingmann spyder mr2?
  122. Best Toyota Mr2 year?
  123. Is the Spyder MR2 a good paintball gun to buy? ?
  124. 2000 toyota mr2 spyder trans prob?
  125. looking for a classic mechanic in the Los Angeles area who works on toyota mr2?
  126. Is my car a lemon? I've had to take it in for 3 check engine lights within 6...
  127. I've inherited a 1991 Toyota MR2?
  128. Hi everyone I just wanted to ask did Toyota MR2 change in anyway (lookswise as well)
  129. what's better a Tippmann A-5 or a Spyder Mr2?
  130. wanna know... what is the replacement for gear transmission... for
  131. Honda Prelude Vs. Toyota MR2.. Easy 10 points 4 best answer?
  132. How long does the 3sgte (toyota mr2 turbo) engine last?
  133. What would the insurance cost be for a toyota MR2?
  134. can a Toyota MR2 96 flexi part fit an 92? ?
  135. Which one is a better bang for the buck 2000 Audi TT or 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  136. Which one is a better bang for the buck 2000 Audi TT or 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  137. Which one is a better bang for the buck 2000 Audi TT or 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  138. what is reasonable sell for my 2000 mr2 spyder??(pics and info included)?
  139. will 195/60/15 tires rub if i put them on my 85 toyota mr2?
  140. Can a kingman spyder MR2 fit a red dot scope and a Spyder FASTA hopper on it?
  141. where is the air intake temperature sensor on toyota mr2 spyder?
  142. is the kingman spyder mr2 paintball gun good and whats good extras for it.?
  143. Where is the MAF sensor on my 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  144. Kingman spyder mr2 HELP!!!?
  145. I'd like to increase hp and torque on my toyota mr2 spyder. What is the best
  146. 1991 Nissan 300zx NA(non-turbo) Manual vs 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo Manual?
  147. Toyota celica...Honda civic...or toyota mr2 spyder?
  148. Did Toyota stop making the Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  149. opinion of the 01' Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  150. I have a 1991 Toyota MR-2 with a 5SFE engine and the car won't start?
  151. toyota mr2 mk2 whining coming from front left speaker?
  152. what circuit boar for my kingman spyder mr2?
  153. My 1993 Toyota MR-2 won't start.?
  154. help Toyota MR2 problem?
  155. paintball spyder mr2?
  156. I have a Toyota MR2 Question!?
  157. Question Kingman spyder mr2 with Eye vs MR2 with ACS bolt...?
  158. I have a 91 Toyota MR2. The headlamp is starting to occasionally not pop up
  159. Toyota 1991 MR2 Head Gasket?
  160. Toyota Mr2 Spyder faster engine?
  161. what are the bad points of buying a toyota mr2?
  162. how do i get the power windows up in my 93 toyota mr2?
  163. will a toyota corolla mr2 4age alternator fit in a 1997 toyota camry ?
  164. How much could I sell my 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder for?
  165. what size allen is needed for a spyder mr2 velocity adjuster?
  166. What's a good ak47 styled barrel for a spyder mr2 paintball gun?
  167. what is the difference between the spyder mr1 marker and the spyder mr2 marker?
  168. Toyota Mr2 spyder or Mazda rx8?
  169. 2000-2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder?
  170. is it a good deal to trade a 2000 vw gti vr6 for a 1991 toyota mr2 turbo?
  171. Toyota mr2 n/a what to do?
  172. Toyota MR2 Spyder question?
  173. where is a good site to buy a Spyder Mr2 ?
  174. Where and how can I locate the voltage regulator on a Toyota mr2 from 1986?
  175. Where is a good site to buy a Spyder Mr2 ?
  176. Is it true that in French Toyota MR2 means Toyota sh*t?
  177. Can you add a Spyder Vs Board to a Spyder Mr2?
  178. Toyota MR2 drivers, asking tips about driving it during a rainy day?
  179. HELP ME WITH MY SPYDER MR2...its fully charged and i try shooting it in auto and...
  180. Should I purchase a Toyota MR2 Mk2 2.0 GT 1993?
  181. SPYDER MR2 PROBLEMS..everytime i try switching to different firing only...
  182. tyres on a toyota mr2?
  183. toyota mr2 questions?
  184. toyota mr2 questions?
  185. How many cylinders is the Toyota mr2?
  186. Anyone planning to selling a 1993 Toyota MR2 soon?
  187. whats wrong with my 1992 toyota mr2?
  188. BT-4 vs Spyder MR1 vs Spyder MR2 vs Tippman 98 custom?
  189. Second Gen Toyota MR2 no powersteering?
  190. BT-4 vs Spyder MR1 vs Spyder MR2 vs Tippman 98 custom?
  191. earliest model of pontiac solstice vs 2000 toyota mr2 or mrs spyder?
  192. Spyder Mr2 Problems!?
  193. fuel pump prob. on 87 toyota mr2?
  194. Transmission problems on a 1991 Toyota MR2?
  195. Toyota MR2 Spyder transmission question?
  196. How fast are Toyota MR2 Spyders?
  197. How do i get the most performance out of my Toyota MR2 Spyder's Four-Cylinder engine
  198. is it possible to re-tune my MR2 Spyder engine (1ZZFE) to match or equal that
  199. How much would car insurance cost for a 17 year old driving a Toyota MR2?
  200. Cam Gears adjustment, 1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharger.?
  201. Cam Gears adjustment, 1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharger.?
  202. toyota mr2 gt turbo cam belt?
  203. how do you put the top down on a toyota MR2 2001-2004?
  204. Painting my 2000 Toyota MR-2 Spyder?
  205. I am 6'2 could someone around the same height tell me whether i would be able to...
  206. I have a factory bra for a mk 1 Toyota Mr2, with the Mr2 Logo and Mr2...
  207. What is the gayer car? Toyota MR2 new shape or Vauxhall Tigra new shape?
  208. Toyota Mr2, Honda Prelude or Tiburon?
  209. Are 89 toyota mr2's any good?
  210. do i get a toyota mr2 or citroen saxo vtr?
  211. 2002 Toyota Spyder question.?
  212. How do i remove the steering wheel off a 1986 Toyota MR2?
  213. 2005 pontiac solstice vs toyota mr2?
  214. Is a toyota Mr2 spyder a good car, is it fun, is it hard to find? what...
  215. 1993 Toyota Mr2 Owners please read.?
  216. What car will beat a toyota mr2 spider?
  217. what is the difference between the toyota mr2 (mk3) an the toyota mrs?
  218. My Spyder MR2 Fires on Semi but will not fire on 3 burst or auto?
  219. Honda NSX vs Toyota MR2?
  220. La Roux - In For The Kill - Toyota MR2 featured in video any idea of registration
  221. Why doesn't my alternator charge my battery on my 1988 Toyota MR2?
  222. What are the main differences between a "TOYOTA MR2 ZZW30R SPYDER" and a
  223. A Toyota MR2 has an "Engine: 4 cylinder Unleaded Multi-point injected 1.8L...
  224. what kind of engine can i install in my Toyota mr2?
  225. what is better a spyder mr2 or a tiberius ranger?
  226. 89 toyota mr2 purchase?
  227. does a spyder mr2 have to be charged to shoot?
  228. which is better an spyder mr2 or vs1?
  229. what has the best 0-60 and top speed,03 mitsubishi eclipse spyder gt,03...
  230. Toyota MR2 t-bar or Subaru Imprezza (non turbo)?
  231. Toyota MR2-----------GT or GT T-Bar?
  232. I have a 1991 toyota mr2 turbo. I was driving last night and I couldn't find 4th
  233. Buying a Toyota MR2 undecided with one to buy between 2 potential vehicles...
  234. Buying a Toyota MR2 undecided with one to buy between 2 potential
  235. Buying a Toyota MR2 undecided with one to buy between 2 potential vehicles
  236. i am looking for a Toyota MR2 with a blown motor?
  237. Spyder MR2, Send it back to be fixed...?
  238. what happens when a person doesnt shift until they max out the rpm? Toyota MR2 1985?
  239. Where is the radio fuse for a 91 Toyota mr2?
  240. how fast can a Toyota MR2 sports car go?
  241. Supercharger pulley for Toyota MR2 1988 4AGZE?
  242. Door check strap bracket is loose on my Toyota MR2 mark 2. It seems to fit...
  243. 1991 toyota mr2 startor help?
  244. What is the year difference between the generation 2 Toyota MR2 and generation 3 MR2?
  245. Is the Toyota MR2 Roadster (2000+) easy to drive?
  246. I want to know where i can find the original hood scoop cover for a 1991 toyota mr2?
  247. 1996 Chevy Impala Ss Stocked Vs. 2004 Toyota Mr2 Spyder Stocked.?
  248. random question but if a 1996 IMPALA SS STOCKED RACED A 2004 TOYOTA MR2
  249. 1996 Chevy Impala Ss Stocked Vs. 2004 Toyota Mr2 Spyder Stocked.?
  250. 1992 toyota MR2 Camshaft...please help?