Owen warns Liverpool not to overspend Salah

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Former striker Michael Owen says Liverpool shouldn’t have to overpay Mohamed Salah. by saying that the case of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Who has fallen in form at Arsenal, is a good example.

    Liverpool legend Michael Owen has warned Liverpool not to overpay for winger Mohamed Salah to continue. promise him

     Although Liverpool will be able to hold the main player for many contracts. But so far Salah has yet to sign a new contract despite being one of the club’s most important figures, having previously been rumored to have been sought after by the Egyptian. Tired, increased to 500,000 pounds per week (about 22.50 million baht).

Which is much higher than what Virgil van Dijk has received at the moment. Because Van Dijk currently earns 220,000 pounds (about 9.90 million baht) per week, making him the highest paid person in the team today.https://unitus.synergy-e.com/custom/inread/sf/src/html/r.html?ox_ver=8.6     Owen revealed, “I understand that everyone would say, -He wants something, just give him away- but seriously, you don’t want your club to do that. You have to be a little structured if you suddenly pay him twice as much as Van Dijk is currently earning. You will definitely run into trouble again.”

    “Take Arsenal as an example, [Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang got what he wanted. And look how it is now It was his last high-value contract, now he’s definitely not going anywhere. And he earns a lot of wages per week. I said it (Contract negotiation) is not easy. I think you have to maintain a bit of respect between each other. There has to be equality within the club as well.”