Juventus are in talks with Donny van de Beek

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Come here, no bottom! The media revealed that Juventus ask for a loan plus an option to buy “Van de Beek”. According to The Mirror, Juventus are in talks with Donny van de Beek ‘s representatives for a chance to sign for the club in January.

The situation of the Dutch midfielder in the Manchester United team remains the same on no change When the opportunity to enter the field this season Most of them could only be on the bench. The news agreed to join the army on loan with Everton in the summer, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Manchester United manager, did not approve in the final arc.

According to the media, the 24-year-old is not satisfied with playing less. Despite the Norwegian boss has promised to send him to play more for sure this season. But did not see a change until van de Beek was not in the national team in the latter part. And randomly risking to miss the World Cup 2022 final next year as well,

making the latest Juventus closely follow the situation of Van de Beek, eager for a loan offer during the new year’s transfer market. Ready to the option to sign a permanent contract for the Red Devils to consider.