Dortmund flinched after Haaland injured his ankle

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Erling Haaland picked up an ankle injury during the Norwegian national team’s 9-0 friendly against Armenia on Tuesday, potentially affecting Borussia Dortmund. Player’s agency ufabet

Borussia Dortmund have received bad news from the Norwegian national team camp. The 21-year-old striker Erling Haaland suffered an ankle injury in Tuesday’s 9-0 defeat of Armenia, according to Sport1 on Wednesday. 

Haaland scored twice for Norway 5-0 in the opening 45 minutes. Before the 21-year-old was take off at half-time due to an ankle injury. After being heavily follow by Armenian players over and over again.

According to reports, Haaland suffered an ankle injury in the match, prompting Norway head coach Stale Solbachen to take the 21-year-old forward at halftime to prevent serious injuries. And Dortmund will recheck the 21-year-old forward’s condition after the player returns to the club.

If Haaland had not scored, he would likely have been awarded a penalty because Armenia defender Styopa Mkrtchyan lunged in and caught his left ankle.

Replays of the incident showed Haaland’s left ankle turning under the challenge from Mkrtchyan

Haaland then limped off the field, before being replaced by Alexander Sorloth at the start of the second half.

The game ended 9-0 to Norway, with Joshua King scoring a hat-trick. Sorloth netted twice, while Mats Daehli was also on the scoresheet.